How WFL Software Tackles Equipment Downtime & Boosts Efficiency | EMO 2023

Tired of unpredictable equipment downtime? Join Tony Gunn and Simon Pollard at EMO 2023 as they discuss WFL’s cutting-edge software solutions that aim to revolutionise your manufacturing operations. Tony and Simon discuss how software like CrossGuard and Mill Turn Pro can significantly cut down your downtime and save costs. These are not just programming tools; they serve as a preventive measure to avoid unnecessary collisions and expensive machine breakdowns. On the other side, there’s iControl, aimed at monitoring tools for optimal performance, and myWFL Cockpit that keeps an eye on your machine’s overall efficiency and even its environmental impact. So why does this matter? Unlike typical solutions, WFL’s software suite offers an integrated approach to tackle everything from material costs to machine inefficiencies. And yes, it also cares for the planet by optimising power and oil consumption.

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