WFL’s Precision Grinding & Gear-Making: A Revolution in Aerospace & Power Generation

Are you grappling with high material and machine time costs? Welcome to a game-changing solution. In this MTDCNC video, we’re at EMO 2023 in Hannover, focusing on WFL’s top-notch capabilities for large machining applications. Precision Engineering has never been so efficient or reliable. We discuss WFL’s innovative “clamp once, machine complete” technology that integrates grinding and gear-making functionalities. This eliminates the need for frequent machine changes, thereby minimising downtime and cost. Steve Malone from Kyal Machine Tools shares how this can be a game-changer, especially in industries like aerospace and power generation which have stringent quality requirements. WFL’s machines offer extended support for massive components, going up to eight meters between centres. It’s not just about scaling up; it’s about doing so without compromising on accuracy or quality.

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