It’s not just CNC machines, these guys also provide tooling for lathes!

David McHenry of REGO-FIX and Fer Melendez of MTDCNC talk about three different types of quick-change lathe options. The CAPTO based tooling system is made to go into lathes. It’s very short and converts a live head into a PowRgrip toolholding system, giving all the benefits of PowRgrip to the lathe. REGO-FIX have the same thing for the EWS VX system and the WTO QuickFlex system. The three live tool options also benefit customers with 3-micron TIR and micro fixture dampening, which helps to dampen out vibrations. Removing vibrations from the gear drive or machining results in better surface finishes, long life for cutting tools, and a better overall part. Find out more from David on these amazing quick-change lathe options and a very special PowRgrip short tail collet used by the QuickFlex and CAPTO system.

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