How can this help you take care of your CNC machines

Ana Fernanda Melendez of MTDCNC is with David McHenry of REGO-FIX to talk about some easy ways to care for CNC machines. David highlights the importance of knowing the condition of the spindle, which can be done with a simple MasterBar measuring system. The system allows users to measure runout and how accurate the machine is moving in the Z axis. This makes it easy for users to have more visibility on spindle condition and whether it’s time to call in a professional to regrind or rebuild the spindle. Basic features on the MasterBar include 3 microns TIR, 3 microns cylindricity, and a gold ring with a QR code that takes the user directly to the certificate for that MasterBar. The second important aspect ,CNC machine care is keeping the spindle clean. David demonstrates how Spindle Taper Cleaners work by cleaning the mating contacts to remove dirt, debris, and oil, all of which can negatively impact TIR, clamping force, and repeatability.

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