A showcase of complex machining in Austria

Join Colin Griffiths from MTDCNC is at the WFL 2022 Technology Meeting in Linz, Austria, where Simon Pollard from Kyal Machine Tools provides an interesting look into the event. Kyal Machine Tools are a UK distributor for WFL Millturn Technologies and look after sales and service in the UK and Ireland. The June 2022 event brings together WFL, its suppliers, and its customers to showcase the current and future capabilities of WFL Millturn Technologies. At the Open House, Simon takes Colin on a quick tour to show various products such as the smaller footprint M20-G, the M80, and the M150 HW heavy weight machine. Simon explains WFL’s role in automation after acquiring FRAI Technologies to provide in-house automation solutions. WFL Millturn Technologies boast enhanced programming capabilities, software developments, laser and ultrasonic scanning, a complete range of tools, and a specialist design team that works in conjunction with tool suppliers to complete complex machining operations. Offering high precision solutions, WFL Millturn Technologies aren’t wrong when they say, “Clamp once – machine complete!” Catch all the details and products on display in the video.

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