WFL & Kyle Machine Tools just made screw cutting a whole lot easier

Screw cutting has never been easy but those cleaver people at WFL Millturn Technologies have come up with a great software solution to make it a whole lot easier. Christoph Schinerl from WFL shows Colin from MTDCNC just how easy their new innovative ScrewCAM thread cutting software is to use. The geometric functions that can be manufactured include single or multi-pass channels, variable depth, any change in slope, wall embossing & wall inclination. Furthermore the entire NC program is checked for collision-free and correctness of the generated workpiece geometry by means of material removal simulation and geometric verification in comparison to the 3D target geometry of the screw. The result is a verified NC program with an expected processing time. The ScrewCAM software also contains a “best fit” calculation to optimise tool functionality & usage .Call Kyle Machine Tools to find out more about this amazing software.

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