BLUM tool & spindle monitoring enables tool optimization and reduced cycle times

Giovanni Albanese of MTDCNC is with Lothar Halder of BLUM for a closer look at tool and spindle monitoring. Renowned for their technology that reduces cycle times and keeps the spindle running, BLUM are a German manufacturer of measuring equipment, test benches, and special solutions. Their latest LC-Vision software works in combination with their 5th generation laser, the LC50-DIGILOG, to evaluate tools for optimising tool life, measuring workpiece quality, and reducing costs. The technology basically enables users to run their machine tools 24/7 with peace of mind since everything is monitored internally to ensure parts are being manufactured correctly. In addition to evaluating wear situations, the laser system also evaluates the condition of the spindle, the runout, vibration, and the condition of the machine. Easy for any operator to set up in minutes, BLUM’s tool and spindle monitoring is a perfect example of Industry 4.0.

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