Outshines Competitors in Toolpath Precision

Tune in as Eric from MTDCNC gets the lowdown from Charles Laframboise of CAM-TOOL North America at the buzzing Axile Open House. In this eye-opening chat, discover:

Dynamic Duo: Witness the powerful collaboration between Axile and CAM-TOOL – two giants dedicated to precision and top-notch quality.

Next-Level Toolpath Creation: Charles spills the beans on CAM-TOOL’s game-changing toolpath accuracy that stands out from the rest.

Surface vs. Mesh Showdown: Dig into the technicalities of why favouring a surface over a mesh body delivers smoother tool paths and unmatched surface finishes.

Extend Tool Life & Cut Down Wear: Charles breaks down how their approach can amp up tool longevity and trim down cycle times, netting you savings.

Jump In: Curious about CAD/CAM systems for Moulds & Dies? Dive deep into CAM-TOOL’s universe and discover why pros are vouching for them for unparalleled results.

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