Kaast’s R-Grind HD Cylindrical Grinders: Precision and Power for Large Workpieces

Kaast Machine Tools Inc. introduces the R-Grind HD series, a lineup of high-performance cylindrical grinders designed for the precise production of substantial workpieces like car axles and hydraulic cylinders. With a generous capacity of up to 31″ × 156″ and/or 4,400 lbs., these grinders cater to the needs of workshops seeking impeccable finishes on sizable components.

The R-Grind HD boasts a robust bed crafted from sturdy Meehanite cast iron, featuring heavy ribbing to ensure overall stiffness during production, even when dealing with substantial workpieces. Kaast emphasizes that the R-Grind HD series offers infinitely variable feed rates, guaranteeing a top-tier surface finish. The belt-driven spindle stock incorporates adjustable speed for maintaining continuous optimal conditions throughout the grinding process.

Equipped with a hydraulically driven table feed featuring a soft stop at the end of movement, the R-Grind HD series employs a rapid approach and withdrawal system for the grinding wheel. The hydrostatic tailstock, operated with a lever, and the hydrostatic spindle further enhance the series’ performance.

Additionally, the R-Grind HD presents a range of optional features, including an internal grinding unit, a coolant system with a paper filter and magnetic separator, a fixed two-point fixed bevel, a three-axis digital readout, or the option to add extra grinding wheels and flanges. This comprehensive set of options ensures flexibility and customization to meet diverse machining requirements.

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