Threading inserts with enhanced chipbreaking

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    Threading inserts with enhanced chipbreaking

    Threading inserts with enhanced chipbreaking
    Wednesday 8 April 2020 3:02:01 PM72 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Horn has extended its 108 and 114 Mini tooling systems by adding new inserts with GM threading geometry suitable for turning ISO metric internal threads. Availability in the UK and Ireland is through the German manufacturer’s UK subsidiary Horn Cutting Tools, Ringwood.

    The chipbreaking geometry generates short lengths of swarf, even when processing what are normally long-chipping materials and those that are difficult to machine. The swarf is easier to handle, the risk of chip build-up is reduced and birds nesting around the tool and component is avoided, reducing lathe stoppage time and increasing productivity.

    The 108 system can produce metric internal threads from M10 with pitches of 0.5 to 1.25 mm, while the 114 system is suitable for pitches up to 2.5 mm. The inserts are available in partial and full profile design. Standard, low-vibration, carbide turning toolholders from the Mini system may be used, enabling the production of excellent surface finishes, even on deep threads, and ensuring high process reliability.

    Mini type inserts screwed onto the face of the holder are among Horn`s core products for turning and milling applications. The precision tools are especially well suited to internal profiling and internal grooving. The extensive Mini system range offers inserts with different geometries, substrates and CBN or diamond coatings in a variety of sizes for various internal diameters.

    A video comparing internal threading with and without Horn’s new GM chipbreaking geometry may be viewed at:


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