Floyd Turns Up The Pressure for Sliding Head Lathes

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    Floyd Turns Up The Pressure for Sliding Head Lathes

    Floyd Turns Up The Pressure for Sliding Head Lathes
    Tuesday 2 March 2021 9:21:33 PM35 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Floyd Automatic Tooling has now added the new Precitronics TOHP Series of driven tooling with integrated high-pressure coolant feed to its portfolio. The exciting new TOHP system offers high-pressure through coolant delivery up to 135 bar for driven tools and applications on sliding head turning centres. The new system can drastically reduce cycle times, eliminate swarf issues, improve productivity and enhance surface finishes.

    The new Precitronics TOHP extensive range of driven tooling is available for all makes of sliding head and fixed head machines fitted with a high-pressure coolant pump. Connecting the variety of live tooling configurations to the machine tool and the external high-pressure coolant pump is facilitated by a selection of high-quality ultra-compact quick-change connectors from the HEB range of locking and connecting plugs, flexible and rigid fluid distribution tubes, distribution blocks, connectors, adaptors etc., also available from Floyd Automatic to provide high-pressure coolant delivery to all your driven tooling stations.

    In the work envelope, the Precitronics system is available for all spindle types with configurations such as ER, ER-A internal collets, CAPTO, KM, HSK, DIN, Weldon, MMT and ABS KOMET all covered. The flexibility of the Precitronics TOHP also extends to the drive connection that can connect to all types of tool connection. From a flexibility perspective, the Precitronics TOHP is offered with an astounding range of options to suit all machining applications. This includes an axial system, an axial offset, axial speeders, radial double output, radial 90-degree system, radial 90-degree speeder, fixed angle, radial adjustable, axial multiple spindles, radial multiple outputs, polygon maker, thread whirling, gear hobbing and radial Y-axis – all of which can be configured to your turning centre.

    Capable of reducing cycle times by up to 30% by delivering high-pressure coolant directly to the cutting edge with through tool delivery, many of the systems also incorporate an additional coolant nozzle that simultaneously delivers cutting fluid to the shank of the tool as well as the cutting edge, significantly improving cooling and swarf evacuation. Furthermore, the various systems can provide cutting tool speeds from 8,000 to 16,000rpm for high-speed cutting, which is perfect for small cutting tools typically applied in the sliding head lathe environment.

    The fully enclosed Precitronics TOHP is maintenance-free with hand-matched or spiral bevel gears that work in synergy with high-precision P3 quality pre-loaded bearings that combine to minimise backlash, noise and enhance efficiency. Hermetically sealed spindles and optimised friction seals with high-grade synthetic grease provide long-life lubrication that ensures the maintenance-free long-life performance of the Precitronics TOHP. With multiple independent channels, the Precitronics TOHP guarantees the correct flow rate and pressure level is delivered to every tool, regardless of how many tool outlets are configured. For further details on this revolutionary new technology, please contact Floyd Automatic Tooling.


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