With over 30 Years of experience Floyd Automatic Tooling are the company to talk to.

Floyd Automatic Tooling have been specialising in tooling for sliding head machines of over 30 years, partnering with Citizen & Star Floyd offer a massive range of tools for all sliding head machines. With the emphasise on speed, repeatability & accuracy Floyds new Speed Line range from Applitec uses a face & taper system that is super quick to set up and accurate to within 3 microns. Richard Floyd tells MTDCNC’s Rowan about the Massa Tools Micronic system, a game changing workholding solution for small parts. Floyds contactless comparator shows how you can set your offsets quickly & accurately. Historically known for their expertise in tooling for sliding head machines, Floyd now offer a range of tooling for fixed head lathes and VMC’s.

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