Floyd Gets a Grip on Small Parts

Now available from Floyd Automatic Tooling is the expanded range of MASA Microconic over-grip spindle collets. The precise and stable clamping of small workpieces in the sub-spindle of sliding head machines has long been an issue for turned part manufacturers – MASA has revolutionised this ‘pain-point’ for manufacturers to deliver precision workholding.
Until now, this industry-leading solution has been specified primarily on 20 and 32mm capacity sliding head machines. However, the remarkable popularity of the system has now seen MASA expand the series to cater for manufacturers working on 10 and 12mm diameter capacity machines.
To truly understand the Microconic revolution, manufacturers must first consider that only three things are in physical contact with the workpiece, the cutting tool, coolant/cutting fluid and the workholding. The Microconic over-grip collet system ultimately allows manufacturers to rethink what is possible. This remarkable workholding system consists of a cartridge and precision collet. The over-grip collet fits inside a cartridge and is accurately adjusted before it is fitted directly into the existing collet sleeve with no machine adaptations required. The patented over-grip collets can open up to 4mm larger than the clamping diameter and also incorporate an ejection guide sleeve blank. This helps the end user to solve the difficulty of ejecting parts from the collets after machining. This allows manufacturers to reach behind flanges, parts with heads or any other enlarged feature.
Ideal for processing parts with stepped features such as connectors, screws or other common components, the over-clamp system can clamp over the protruding features and securely clamp on the main body of components. The collets are available with clamping diameters from 0.2mm to 10mm, meaning the most fragile of parts can be clamped safely and precisely. With concentricity between 3 to 5 microns, the MASA Microconic System is perfect for high-precision machining.
Previously, the system was available with F20, F25 and F37 style collets and this has been expanded over time. Now, the system is offered with F15 and F16 to deliver high-precision clamping for challenging components. The F15 M5 cartridge works in synergy with most 10 to 16mm capacity machine tools from manufacturers like Star Citizen, Tsugami and Maier whilst the F16 M5 variant is perfect for other machine tool brands such as Citizen, Hanwha, Tornos and Nexturn to name a few.
Commenting upon the expanded range, Floyd Automatic Tooling Managing Director, Richard Floyd says: “The expansion to the line has been sought after for a long time. This is a credit to the success of the MASA Microconic collets for 20mm and 32mm diameter capacity machines. Small-diameter sub-spindle clamping and over-gripping applications have historically been a bane for users of sliding head turning centres. This radical, but elegant solution brings repeatability and precision to small part turning, solving the challenge of clamping difficult parts.”

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