Floyd Publishes Latest Cutting Tool Catalogue

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    Floyd Publishes Latest Cutting Tool Catalogue

    Floyd Publishes Latest Cutting Tool Catalogue
    Thursday 25 June 2020 8:40:37 AM56 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    As the industry leader in specialist cutting tool solutions for the small turned parts sector, Floyd Automatic Tooling has now published the latest edition of its 2020 Applitec product catalogue. The new publication is packed with high-performance Swiss manufactured tooling lines suitable for CNC turning centres and sliding head-turning centre users that are manufacturing high-quality precision parts that demand the utmost in productivity and performance.

    The 650-page catalogue is crammed with both popular existing product lines and of course, the very latest in next-generation tooling solutions that will deliver for the challenges of today’s modern machine shop. With dozens of pages of new product lines, Applitec has enhanced its TOP-Line turning program with the latest laser-generated chip breaking ZXT Inserts. TOP-Line is still the biggest selling line in the Applitec program, proving that quality pays.

     The Applitec TOP-Line Series now introduces a huge variety of new innovations in the latest edition of the catalogue, but of particular interest to precision turning shops will be the ZXT laser-generated chip breakers for grooving and turning operations. With honed edges, laser-generated chip breakers and a complete range of insert geometries and coatings, all available in left and right-hand designations, the ZXT Series will drastically improve precision, performance and swarf control when machining small intricate components.

    For cost-effective machining solutions, the new Applitec catalogue from Floyd Automatic highlights the new additions to the PRO-line twin screw and ECO-line single screw insert tool programs. The PRO-Line incorporates a patented and ingenious clamping system with serrated teeth on both the insert and the tool holder. This guarantees rigidity and performance benefits that exceed alternate turning lines. However, it’s not just the rigidity and performance that sets the PRO-Line apart. The serrated tooth design guarantees clamping precision and positioning, giving the end-user repeatability that significantly improves user experience, set-up times and tool changeovers. With an unparalleled range of geometries, tool holders, dimensions and coatings, this popular cost-effective range has just got even better!

    Another exciting new addition to the new catalogue is the enhanced MODU-Line platens that are now available for most sliding turning centres. The new MODU-Line platens offer increased tool capacity, high-pressure coolant facility, compatibility with most insert tool programs and of course, the ultimate in rigidity – credit to Applitec’s patented offset clamping system. The MODU-Line can also be pre-set to fixed or adjustable lengths for fast and precise tool replacement and changeovers. With adaptors and coolant fittings for all leading sliding head-turning machine brands, the MODU-Line is perfect for any sliding head machine shop.

    Other highlights in the new catalogue include the new additions to the ECO-Line of parting, grooving, front and back turning and threading tools as well as the enhancements to the ever-popular EVOCUT Line. The EVOCUT Line from Applitec is one of the most diverse and capable turning solutions for compact work envelopes with Monobloc top clamping tool holders and also the H-Jet range with integrated coolant supply. With an unfathomably diverse range of grades, holders, geometries, insert styles and grades, the EVOCUT Line is perfect for small turning centres and sliding head machines that incorporate platen tool configurations in compact work envelopes.

    The new catalogue will be distributed to Floyd Automatic Tooling customers and it is also available to download from the Floyd Automatic Tooling website at www.floydautomatic.co.uk Alternately, contact the Baldock based tooling experts directly for more details on Tel: 01462 491919 or email sales@floydautomatic.co.uk


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