Boost your production output with HALTER CNC Automation Systems

HALTER CNC Automation have been producing and supplying high quality automated CNC robotic loading systems since 2014. They started out producing their universal robotic system but now offer 9 different models. All HALTER products are manufactured using only A class components to insure that the customer receives the maximum in quality & performance. As Wouter van Halteren explains, HALTER work closely with their customers to decide which of the 9 standard models fits their requirements and then how it can be customised to fit each customers specific requirements. HALTER automated systems are available exclusively in the UK from 1st MTA. They offer full service and support but HALTER also have their own UK based engineer Steve Price, one of the best robotic automation systems engineers in the UK, to help give their customers that extra peace of mind. HALTER have systems in over 25 countries worldwide, with their main focus on Europe & USA. With automation playing an ever increasing part in CNC parts production HALTER could be your perfect partner.

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