Exploring Lang Technik’s Latest Technology at EMO 2023 with MTDCNC

Looking to improve your workholding and automation systems? In this video, MTDCNC’s Tom Skubala chats with Tobias Farr from Lang Technik at EMO 2023. We cover how Lang Technik is making workholding easier and how their automation solutions are well-suited for small to medium-sized parts.

One highlight is Lang’s space-efficient storage system, featuring a small vice that maximises your workspace. Lang Technik also shows off their spring-loaded chip fan, a simple yet effective tool for clearing away machine debris.

We also discuss updates to Lang’s stamping technology, which now offers increased holding force, making your workholding set-up more reliable. Interested in making your operations more efficient? This video gives you a solid look at some tools that can help.

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