Boost Your Clamping Force by 60%: Lang Technik’s Upgraded Stamping and New Rail System

Looking to significantly increase your clamping force while cutting down setup time? Lang Technik’s latest workholding solutions may be just what you need.

Join MTDCNC’s Tom Skubala as he explores Lang Technik’s booth at EMO 2023, Europe’s premier machine tool technology show.

Tom talks to Tobias Farr about Lang Technik’s new and improved stamping technology, which now features a fully serrated design for 60% more gripping force, as well as their innovative rail system for zero-point plates and vices.

Discover how the fully serrated stamping technology can up your clamping game by 60%, and learn about Lang Technik’s versatile and quick-positioning rail system.

The upgraded stamping unit, dubbed “FS” for “Fully Serrated,” doubles the number of holding teeth, resulting in a whopping 60% more clamping force. Also, don’t miss the quick and efficient rail system that requires just one screw for setup but offers repeat accuracy of five microns.

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For those seeking to up their clamping force and streamline operations, this MTDCNC video is a must-watch. Learn how Lang Technik’s upgraded stamping and rail systems can make a difference in your machining processes. Subscribe now!

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