Reduce setup times with these accurate and reliable vices

MTDCNC is in Kent at Saxon Engineering to find out why they use BISON vices for their HAAS machines. Bill Wilkinson of Saxon Engineering, Nigel Moody of Proactive Technical Solutions, and Mike Harris of BISON UK each share their own experiences when it comes to quality, reliability and what sets BISON apart from the competition. Since 2009, Saxon Engineering have grown from 3 CNC machines to 15 and now have 26 different BISON vices. Bill talks about the ability to put any job, any size, on the vices thanks to their high accuracy and quality. Working with Saxon Engineering for 12 years, Nigel Moody explains the criteria of precision that Saxon Engineering require from Proactive Technical Solutions. In addition to accuracy, Mike Harris talks about the unique adaptability of BISON vices, which helps in reducing setup times for machine shops. Hear more from Mike on the most popular range from BISON UK!

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