Exploring Bison’s New Tools at EMO 2023: Vices, Chucks and More

Are you tired of inefficient workholding solutions hindering your machining processes? Tom Skubala from MTDCNC looks into the cutting-edge tech showcased by Bison UK at EMO 2023. Whether you’re interested in new chuck technology or innovative vices, this video provides a comprehensive tour of what Bison has to offer.

What sets this video apart? Bison’s latest product releases address real-world challenges in the manufacturing sector. One of the highlights is a vice with a 3mm serrated step, designed to reduce material waste and make your operations more sustainable.

We also get a first look at Bison’s tombstone workholding solution. Tom couldn’t contain his excitement about this game-changer in workholding. The product line features everything from shallow chucks that free up more room on your machine to innovative five-axis vices with unmatched repeatability.

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