Unique Copy Turning System!

Calling all machinists and engineers! Are you ready to revolutionise your turning operations? Join us in this MTDCNC Technical Corner episode as Tom Skubala dives deep into the extraordinary Copy Turning System by Walter Tools.

Meet Steven Ellis from Walter Tools as he unveils their ground breaking innovation tailored for the world of machining, promising unmatched precision and stability.

What sets it apart? Discover the secret behind the design that eliminates direct insert contact with the sides, ensuring rock-solid stability and laser-like accuracy.

Explore the extensive range of materials this system conquers, from ISO M to ISO S materials and robust carbon steels, all thanks to Walter Tools’ Copy Turning System.

Delve into the cutting-edge cooling mechanism that simultaneously cools the top and bottom of the insert, extending its lifespan and enhancing chip control.

Ready to elevate your turning game with Walter Tools? Visit www.walter-tools.com for more details.

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