This is probably the most popular 45-degree face mill!

In today’s Technical Corner, Joe Reynolds of MTDCNC is with Lee Turner of LMT to talk about the very popular 45-degree milling face mill. Lee shares the unique features of LMT that include 4 geometries each for unstable applications, stable applications, finishing applications, and aluminium applications. With their coating technologies, LMT’s 45-degree face mill offers depth of cut, feed rates, and soft cutting for machines. With such a variety of face mills in the market, Lee says it’s important to have the right one with the right geometries and grades. LMT have a range of holders in their catalogue from 50mm up to 160mm with grades and coatings for all materials. Similar to a lot of their milling cutters, LMT currently have a promotion for 10 inserts per pocket and a tool holder for free. Reach out to LMT for more information on their products!