Real-time Shop Floor Insights with Prodsmart by Autodesk! | Technical Corner

Are you a Manufacturing Engineer looking to maximise your shop floor efficiency? Discover the power of Prodsmart by Autodesk in this MTDCNC Technical Corner episode! Join MTDCNC’s Rowan Easter-Robinson as he delves deep with Rob Walker from Autodesk, exploring the cutting-edge features of Prodsmart. – Grasp where parts are in the manufacturing process. – Learn the importance of machine down-time and how to mitigate it. – Dive into real-life, real-time shop floor data insights. Prodsmart isn’t just an MES (Manufacturing Execution System). It revolutionises how you manage and visualise your shop floor operations, eliminating the need for tedious floor walks. With Prodsmart, handle material and people availability effortlessly. Plan, schedule, and get a clear view of your production processes. Plus, Rob Walker gives a sneak peek into Prodsmart’s predictive maintenance and long-term optimisation capabilities. Ready to revolutionise your shop floor? Dive into Prodsmart’s free 14-day trial. Need more help? Autodesk’s support teams have your back! #Prodsmart #Autodesk #ManufacturingEfficiency #MTDCNC #RealTimeData #MESsystem #TechnicalCorner

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