Time savings, efficiency & stability: IEMCA Kid 80 short bar feeder from 1st MTA

In today’s episode of MTDCNC’s Technical Corner, we speak to Clive Leonard from 1st MTA for insight and advice on IEMCA bar feeders. Giovanni Albanese interviews Clive on the Kid 80 + automatic high-performance short bar feeder. As a Servo bar feeder, the Kid 80 + gives more control on bar feeder lengths, feeding speeds, and feeding forces while also offering easy-to-use operation. Using a hand-held control unit or a touch screen system, you simply need to set your component length or bar diameter. The Kid 80 + can load a maximum bar length of 1.6m depending on spindle length. Watch the video as Clive explains how to achieve 0.5 accuracy with the Kid 80 + and reduce bar change cycle time by half using the pre-load function! IEMCA offers a vast range of bar feeders, exceptional build quality, and a stable SIEMENS platform in conjunction with Industry 4.0. Get in touch with 1st MTA if you want to automate your lathes and remain competitive.

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