The MK Rotary Table from 1st MTA offers flexibility, compact design, and 40% more clamping torque

Technical Sales Manager at 1st MTA, Marcus Hamlyn, describes the new and improved MK rotary table that offers several benefits including high clamping torque and a compact design. Kitagawa are well known for making high-quality rotary tables for over 60 years and now have a new addition to their compact tables with a slim design, removed face plates, and top-to-bottom bolting to offer a larger working area. There’s less interference due to improved vertical mounting, and it’s 40% more clamping torque makes it ideal for a variety of applications and heavy-duty cutting. A thin tail spindle that goes with the MK range allows for bolting the fixture straight onto the rotary table directly. Fitting a rotary table to a 3-axis machine gives the flexibility to mount chucks and trunnions as well as maximise the trunnion bed. Watch the video for more on the applications and benefits of installing a rotary table on VMCs.

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