10-micron repeatability and massive time savings with the BR chuck from 1st MTA

On today’s Technical Corner, we talk about the next-generation high-precision BR chuck that’s transforming conventional machining. Marcus Hamlyn from 1st MTA shares more on the Kitagawa range of chucks that have evolved from the standard B200 series to be more accurate with improved design, rigidity, and tightened tolerances. The BR chuck comes with an optional T-nut Plus that locks the top and base jaws axially so there’s no lateral shift which would otherwise result from a standard T-nut. Any existing BB chuck can be replaced with a BR as they are dimensionally identical and have the same positions in the machine. The BR series allows for 10-micron repeatability and massive time savings of up to half an hour each time you’re changing jaws! ‘Nice-to-haves’ include QR codes on the outside for easy access to manuals and information.

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