ZIMMER Clamping and braking elements for linear guide rails

Detailed Specification

ZIMMER Group is a pioneer in the field of clamping and braking on profile and round shaft guides.

ZIMMER clamps and brakes for use on linear rails

  • Manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric versions each in a wide range of sizes and duty to suit requirements of different applications.
  • Use in combination with linear rails and carriages to securely clamp, provide additional safety and process reliability.
  • Avaliable for all linear guide rail manufacturers.
  • More than 30 years of development and market experience have yielded more than 4,000 products.
  • Zimmer Group offers the most comprehensive and innovative portfolio of products and services reflecting the highest possible quality and reliability.


  • Clamping and braking elements from Zimmer Group routinely perform critical positioning, holding and braking tasks.
  • They ensure precision during cutting processes and boost efficiency with short cycle times.
  • Their secure hold maximizes safety and protects the machines.

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