Zimmer Gets to Grips With MTDCNC

With the exponentially growing audience on all the MTDCNC website channels, social media outlets and printed products, we are always excited to announce new members joining our platform to maximise their market exposure. Now, we are delighted to announce that the Zimmer Group has joined the MTDCNC platform to promote its products and brand whilst enriching the experience for the MTD audience with an ever-growing range of technologies.

The Zimmer Group is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of handling technology, linear technology and industrial and soft close damping technology. The Zimmer Group considers itself to be a KNOW-HOW FACTORY. Not only is Zimmer a world leader in workholding and gripping technology; but the company is also renowned for its damping innovations, linear, machine and process technology with a product catalogue that stretches beyond the thousands. This encompasses everything from spindles, zero-point clamping and pallet changers to grippers, tool changers, rotary modules and much much more. With the rise of cobots, the Zimmer Group was one of the first manufacturers in the world to introduce human-robot collaboration (HRC) capable grippers to the market. This innovation was honoured with the Handling Award in 2015 and the Zimmer Group now has the largest portfolio of HRC grippers worldwide.

Founded just over 40 years ago, the Zimmer Group started as a garage business and quickly established itself in the field of developing and manufacturing highly complex components and system solutions for prestigious OEM customers. It is now one of the leading manufacturers in its sector. Its standardised solutions for mechanical and plant engineering are valued worldwide as high-quality products. Planning, designing, producing, and assembling mechanical components, Zimmer has made a name for itself as a skilled provider of technical services. Over the years, the Zimmer Group has won numerous industry plaudits and awards for its innovations and at MTDCNC, we are delighted to have the opportunity to present all the latest news, technology and updates from this benchmark brand. Keep your eyes peeled for our channels – we’ll be updating you soon.