Tungaloy’s New TungJetShrink Thermal Shrink Toolholder Ensures Coolant Delivery to Cutting Edges

Detailed Specification

Tungaloy has introduced TungJetShrink thermal shrink toolholders with coolant jet channels along the shank bore.

TungJetShrink thermal shrink toolholders ensure coolant delivery close to the cutting edges even when the fitted tool has no capacity for internal coolant supply. The toolholder delivers a coolant jet through the channels along the shank bore so that coolant “wraps” the tool, attaining the same cooling result as the through-tool coolant.

TungJetShrink features a streamlined design with no additional moving parts to hold the fitted tool. This narrow tool profile eliminates tool-workpiece interference, allowing cutting in confined spaces. In addition, the new toolholder is designed to direct coolant to the tool’s surface evenly over the entire circumference of the tool shank, and this, unlike the conventional flooding method using external nozzles, ensures the delivery of coolant to the cutting point. This reduces stress on the cutting edges, prolonging tool life.

TungJetShrink thermal shrink toolholders are available for shank diameters from 6 to 10 millimeters and with BT40, BT50, HSK-A63, HSK-A100, as well as DIN69871 spindle connections.

New TungJetShrink provides a perfect solution for all milling applications such as in difficult materials where better heat transfer and high part quality are required.

Product information:

No. 389S5-G (Metric)


TungJetShrink Thermal Shrink Toolholder

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