Expansion of TungCut Inserts with AH6235 and AH8005 Grades

Detailed Specification

Tungaloy has announced a significant expansion of TungCut inserts with 87 total additional inserts in the latest PVD grades AH6235 and AH8005.

TungCut is an extremely flexible grooving tool system offering a large variety of chipbreakers and toolholders that range from standard mono blocks to modular blades with through coolant capabilities. Unique and strong insert clamping system provides the tool with process security and long tool life.

AH6235 is the latest titanium-enriched nano-multilayered PVD coating with extremely hard microstructure. Combined with a dedicated tough carbide substrate, the grade provides the insert with exceptional reliability during parting and grooving operations with interruptions. AH8005 is another PVD grade incorporating high aluminum-content multilayered coating with high hardness. The grade integrates a dedicated carbide substrate with well balanced hardness and fracture toughness, demonstrating superior wear resistance during high speed machining.

Together with successful AH7025 grade for first choice, AH6235 and AH8005 grades will enhance TungCut performances in parting and grooving operations with interruptions, as well as grooving and turning operations with aggressive conditions.

Product information:

No. 391-G (Imperial)

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Expansion of TungCut Inserts with AH6235 and AH8005 Grades

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