TetraMiniCut’s New Left-Hand Tooling Increase Productivity of Multitasking Machines

Detailed Specification

Tungaloy has added 37 left-hand inserts to the TCS18 and TCL18 insert lines of the TetraMiniCut grooving and parting tool series.

Featuring parting and grooving inserts with four economical cutting edges, TetraMiniCut offers a unique insert clamping method that ensures secure retention and high edge repeatability, promising machining accuracy and tool life predictability.

The series is now introducing TCS18 and TCL18 inserts designed for left-hand cuts, expanding the product lines that, up to now, has offered right-hand inserts only. Grooving and parting tools commonly used in most of the operations performed in conventional CNC lathes and Swiss machines are right-handed. As highly advanced multitasking machines with multiple spindles and turrets are gaining popularity to maximize productivity, the needs for left-hand tools are increasing as well, which enable simultaneous machining on the right and left-hand spindles of such machines.

TetraMiniCut’s TCS18 and TCL18 geometries feature pressed-to-form 3D chipbreaker that provide superior chip control. TCS18 incorporates four cutting edges with an optimal rake angle that provides the cutting edge with a good balance of strength and sharpness. TCL18 has cutting edges with a large rake angle that generates light cutting action and reduced cutting load for machining stability.

With this expansion, TetraMiniCut left-hand tooling can now be purchased off the shelf at less costs, while allowing more end users to use the full capabilities of TetraMiniCut’s tool stability and accurate edge repeatability and maximum productivity over an expanded range of grooving and parting operations.

Product information

No. 416S4-G (Metric)

Visit us for more info: https://tungaloy.com/uk/product/grooving/tetraforce-cut/

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