New VPGT-JP and -JS Geometry Inserts for Precision Finish Turning of Small Parts

Detailed Specification

The proven chip control performance of Tungaloy’s -JP and -JS chipbreakers are now available with its VPGT turning inserts designed for finishing of small and miniature parts in Swiss type automatic sliding-head machines and mini lathes.

The -JP chipbreaker, the first choice for precision finishing processes, provides secure chip control over a wide application area. The chipbreaker also helps eliminate burr formation and chatter marks effectively over a broad range of depth-of-cut and feed rate combinations.

The -JS chipbreaker is the first choice for finish turning applications, providing free cutting action and good chip control. Featuring a steep inclination angle of the cutting edge and optimized chipbreaker design, the -JS provides effective chip evacuation and light cutting action when used at either light or high depths-of-cut.

A total of seven inserts are introduced in this expansion for improvement of chip control in a wide application area, reduced downtime, and productivity boosts.

Product information:

No. 436S2-G (Metric)


VPGT-JP and -JS Geometry Inserts

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