Hydrafeed Robojob Tower Essential

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Tower Essential

Hydrafeed are the sole UK and Ireland agents for RoboJob’s standard solutions for the loading and unloading of CNC machines

Automation of CNC Machines.

In recent years the machining industry has faced great challenges. It is increasingly difficult to recruit CNC operators; batch sizes have decreased while delivery lead times have shortened.

Hydrafeed, in collaboration with RoboJob, ensures that turning and milling of small and medium-sized batches becomes profitable once again. The Turn-Assist and Mill-Assist robotic systems are integrated solutions which enable the automatic loading and unloading of turning and milling machines. Both systems can be used for a wide range of dimensions (standard ø 5 to 400 mm) and weights (10-700 kg).

The implementation of a RoboJob system will fundamentally reduce the salary costs for machining, and significantly increase the number of spindle hours with substantially less working hours.

CNC Operators can focus on their creative tasks.

The RoboJob system does not require any specific robot knowledge. The user-friendly graphical interface allows all systems to be operated easily and intuitively. CNC operators become more focused on preparation, programming and quality control as the CNC machines are loaded and unloaded automatically.

For more detailed information including technical specifications about RoboJob products please download a brochure alternatively contact us via phone or email and a member of our team will be happy to help.

For small to big runs

Just like with our Turn- and Mill-Assist Series, you can also load and unload small numbers automatically with the Tower Essential. But you can also automate larger runs with the Tower Essential.

Workpiece handling and pallet handling

With the Tower Essential, you can not only load and unload your workpieces, but also pallets. This new concept opens a whole range of new possibilities.

Most comprehensive standard functions

The Tower Essential offers an extremely wide range of standard functions, which increase the efficiency and flexibility of the operator and your CNC machine. In addition, the possibilities will be further expanded so that you can continue to take new steps in the future to further increase your profitability.

  • Small runs to big runs
  • Workpiece loading
  • Pallet loading
  • Tower with drawers and lift system
  • Robot for the loading and unloading of your CNC machine
  • Robot payload: 20 – 35 – 50 – 70 kg or more

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