Hydrafeed Rota-Rack

Detailed Specification

The Rota-Rack is a stand-alone cost effective device designed to safely collect finished components as they come off CNC equipment.

It has been specifically designed to manage large volumes of components where traditional methods of conveying do not adequately protect the parts. The Rota-Rack conveyor, spiral and turntable are manufactured from high lubricity plastic to minimise friction.

We can supply a Rota-Rack on a scissor-jack, enabling you to service multiple machines with different spindle centre-line heights.

Standard Features

  • Eliminates parts damage
  • Conveys and stores parts
  • Provides true lights-out production
  • Machine interface not required
  • Simple to set and operate
  • Can be adapted to machines with existing conveyor
  • Height adjustable from 0.37 metres to 1.4 metres
  • Right or left-hand turntable orientation
  • Maximum part 254mm long x 80mm diameter
  • Suitable for most types of production machines

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