Virtual Manufacturing for Educating, Training and Testing – From Fastems

    Virtual Manufacturing for Educating, Training and Testing – From Fastems

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    Fastems do difficult things. Founded in 1901, Fastems are recognised globally as market leaders in the field of Factory Automation & Digital Manuf

    Detailed Specification

    With Digital Manufacturing solutions by Fastems, one can educate, learn and virtually experience how a factory is run with Fastems automation systems and Manufacturing Management Software (MMS).

    Why for industrial use?

    • Introduce your new Fastems system to the production and office employees virtually.
    • Train employees within the virtual environment during the ramp-up phase.
    • Test new products or process plans safely before implementing them in production.
    • The MMS and system layout can be verified before delivery.
    • Analyze different production operations and their efficiency virtually by testing current capability and finding areas to improve on.

    “The challenge of education related to large technical systems is to provide enough hands-on experience. Virtual models and visualizations make it easier to explain the behavior of those systems.“ – Minna Lanz, Professor at Tampere University

    Why for educational use?

    • Teach the key principles of manufacturing and automation systems pragmatically and visually, both in theory and practice.
    • Digital Manufacturing offers realistic and pragmatic learning opportunities.
    • Can be utilized in research work of Digital Twin data analytics.
    • Better background information for fund applications.

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