DX200 Binderless PCD Grade Improves Finish Machining of Superhard Non-Ferrous Metals

Detailed Specification

Tungaloy has unveiled its latest development of a polycrystalline diamond (PCD) grade that is designed to provide exceptional wear resistance in superhard non-ferrous metals. DX200 is made of 100% pure diamond using no binder to make the bond between the diamond grains.

Boasting the highest hardness of all PCD grade lines, DX200 is best suited for finish machining of carbide and hard, brittle materials, primarily tungsten carbide, cemented carbide, and metal matrix composites (MMCs). In addition, the PCD cutting edge features an excellent edge-line security and sharpness, permitting the insert to achieve superior dimensional accuracy over extended periods of time.

Unlike traditional PCD grades that use a metallic binder such as cobalt to make the grains bond to one another, DX200 directly binds the diamond particles without using binder materials. This allows the grade to have an extremely pure cutting edge, making it an extremely effective tool for machining application-specific components that demand high levels of material purity, such as metal medical implants and sputtering targets for semiconductor applications.

DX200 grade is available in seven inserts of CCGW and DCGW shapes with 0.2 and 0.4 millimeter nose radii.

Product information:

No. 555S1-G (Metric)

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