DoMultiRec Expands the Tool Diameter Range

Detailed Specification

Tungaloy has expanded the tool diameter range of its DoMultiRec multifunctional milling cutter line.

DoMultiRec multifunctional milling cutter features a center cutting capability, allowing a single DoMultiRec cutter to perform various different milling operations including drilling, shoulder milling, and pocket/cavity milling. The cutter’s insert integrates a center and peripheral cutting edge on one side. Its double-sided design means that the same insert can be used either for the center or peripheral position for up to four indexings, front and back. This doubles the cost-per-edge economy when compared with conventional plunge milling cutters using single-sided inserts. Furthermore, the inserts are optimally arranged on the cutter so that they create a near-flat surface of the hole bottoms when machining countersinks for bolt and screw.

DoMultiRec comes in a cylindrical shank and modular cutter head in tool diameters both ranging from 16 mm to 26 mm (from .630″ to 1.024″). The cutting heads provide a clearance between the tool and the workpiece shoulder, enabling the tool to machine extremely close to the shoulder without the concern for tool collision.

DoMultiRec is now offering 12, 13, 32, 33, and 40 mm diameter cutter bodies and LXMU06, LXMU16, and LXMU19 inserts. The inserts are available in two grades: AH3225 provides long tool life in steel and stainless steel and AH8015 handles cast iron to exotic materials.

DoMultiRec is developed so that various different machining processes can be performed using just a single tool. Different machining processes are combined, eliminating the need to change tools. The setup time is drastically reduced, and machine utilization is increased.

Product information:

No. 548S2-G (Metric)


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