AddForceCut’s New High Pressure Coolant-Through Toolholders Improve Chip Flow of Parting and Deep Grooving Applications

Detailed Specification

Tungaloy has added high pressure coolant-through toolholders to its AddForceCut parting and deep grooving tool system.

AddForceCut uses a unique insert clamping solution that makes a single-ended insert self-locked into the insert seat, enabling a secure process and effective chip evacuation during the parting and deep grooving operations. The insert seat has three location points – one on the top clamp and two on the bottom – that fix the insert in place while ensuring rigidity and accuracy. Also, the bottom clamp has a stopper point that sustains such cutting forces generated as deep grooving or parting of up to 120 millimeter (4.724 inch) diameter bar stocks.

Tungaloy has added CHP style toolholders to its AddForceCut that enable high-pressure internal coolant supply. The new coolant-through toolholders are available in square shank, as well as in blade style toolholder for parting applications. Over and under coolant supplies are available for the rake and clearance sides of the insert, enabling an optimum coolant supply close to the cutting point for improved chip evacuation, tool life, and productivity.

Product information:

No. 543S1-G (Metric)

Product information:


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