Latest technologies and machines on the TORNOS stand at AMB

Giovanni Albanese from MTDCNC takes us on a tour of the phenomenal TORNOS stand to see all the machines on display, including the Swiss DT 26, SwissDeco 36, Swiss GT 26, and the MultiSwiss 6×16. The Swiss DT 26 is fully modular, supports a plug-and-play B axis, and offers the flexibility to produce any part with or without guidebush. The SwissDeco 36 is a flagship power-saving machine for limitless heavy contour operation with the capability of up to 56 tools. The Swiss GT 26, equipped with a B axis, offers capability at an attractive price and works well with complex prismatic and turned parts. The star of the show is the multispindle 6×16, a machine built for efficiency and productivity, with a footprint that replaces five machines! Watch the video to find out how the MultiSwiss 6×16 offers excellent surface finishes to machine very hard materials.

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