Starrag’s New Bumotec 191neo, Smaller, Faster, Stronger

The new Starrag Bumotec 191neo is a high precision multi-task production centre. Herve Ding from Starrag explains to MTDCNC’s Eric Hulen the machine is making spinal implants in medical grade plastic in a single cycle, burr free. The sub spindle on this machine operates vertically allowing for a compact machine with a small footprint crucial where space is at a premium. With the latest linear drives from FANUC and a 30K rpm spindle this is an extremely fast machine. With a 60 tool carousel as standard, expandable to 90 tools, there should be enough tools for any job. The new Starrag Bumotec 191neo is better in every department than it’s predecessor, producing parts around 10% quicker. The machine has the latest version FANUC control but also has Starrag’s own user friendly and intuitive tool management software integrated into it.

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