Partners Blum Novotest and Starrag showcase LC50-DIGILOG: the fastest tool measurement system on the market

“You’re not going to put a Corvette motor in a Ford Focus!”

When companies like Blum Novotest partner with Starrag, the result is a mirror image of products that match in speed, precision, and reliability! Eddie Saunders Jr of MTDCNC finds out more from Casey Walters of Blum Novotest as they break down in-machine tool measurement, increased productivity, and high-quality parts with the LC50-DIGILOG laser measuring system. As the first company to combine digital and analog data streams to decrease measurement cycle time, Blum Novotest are helping users become more productive and continue to make parts in tolerance. Don’t miss this detailed conversation where we also get a sneak peek into LC Vision – a truly innovative intelligent software that gives you the ability to visualize measurements in real time!

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