Save up to 60% of tool life with Blaser Swisslube’s world-class coolant technologies

Are you spending too much on consumable products? Here’s how a company like Blaser Swisslube can help you save money! MTDCNC’s Tony Gunn meets Blaine Bill of Blaser Swisslube at the Morris Open House to understand the unique differences of one of the most famous coolant companies in the world. As experts in producing high-quality premium metal-working fluids to optimize machines, Blaser Swisslube have products that offer longer tool life, lower consumption, better performance, low foam, and pretty much everything to improve your cutting process. Find out more from Blaine as he shares the benefits of their Blasomill GT22 neat cutting oil and Be-Cool MC600 water-miscible coolant that offer great stability with a very long sump life. If you’re looking to improve your bottom line, check out Blaser Swisslube and their incredible service and support.

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