Increased productivity, efficiency, and time savings with HEIDENHAIN tool probes

With over 35 years of manufacturing probes, HEIDENHAIN have the technologies to increase productivity and save you plenty of production time! Paul Jones of MTDCNC is with Steve Wright of HEIDENHAIN at YMT Technologies to find out more about the advantages of these easy to integrate probes in action on a YCM machine. Seamlessly integrating with HEIDENHAIN controls, these probe systems offer great accuracy with everything automated inside the machine. Available as wireless and hard-wired systems, HEIDENHAIN probes offer collision protection, thermal decoupling, and a function that cleans swarf off the workpiece. Hear more from Steve about the TT 460, TT 160, and TS 460 probes that work in conjunction with radio gear to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing manual setup times.