The Joemars NP50 from Eurospark helps Mason Pinder Toolmakers run like clockwork!

Rowan Easter-Robinson interviews Jeremy Clamp and Steve Armitage from Mason Pinder Toolmakers to find out why they’ve chosen the Joemars NP50 EDM machine from Eurospark. With a previous machine that was outdated and required obsolete parts, Mason Pinder Toolmakers had more downtime than operation. To combat the challenges, Steve recommended the Joemars EDM machine owing to its decent tank size and ability to load different jobs. With the NP50, it’s easy to put on, pick up, and spark erode parts to a fine finish and high accuracy. A reliable machine with easy maintenance and toolchanging options, the NP50 has helped Mason Pinder Toolmakers clear their backlog to run like clockwork. Watch the video for more on this three axis EDM machine that offers a variety of options for producing complex parts!

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