Cost effective NSD EDM hole drilling machines supplied by EUROSPARK!

If you want to save components from being scrapped, these two cost-effective NSD EDM machines from Eurospark are worth checking out! Tom Skubala of MTDCNC joins Ryan Phillips of Eurospark to learn what makes NSD EDM machines so popular. Cost-effective and packed full of features, Korean-made NSD hole drillers are simple to program with various predefined patterns to work with. These EDMs determine the most efficient tool path and ensure full penetration through automatic wear detection. With longer electrodes – 500 mm on compact machines and up to 700 mm on others – NSD EDM machines display longer run times and greater efficiency. The larger machines even have an auto tool change system! Watch the video to find out more about Eurospark’s bespoke machines, incredible service, and tapping circuits to cover for any missed holes that need tapping.

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