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Ep 137
The Most Accurate Lotus Cars Ever | MTD PODCAST Ep 137

In the latest MTD Podcast, Gio had the pleasure to visit Group Lotus headquarters based in Hethel on behalf of LK Metrology to look at the state-of-the-art car manufacturing facility and investigate why the Lotus Emira is the most accurate Lotus car ever made! Gio talks with Adam Billings, Head Of New Model Quality And Metrology Operations At Group Lotus, Tom Mackrill, Dimensional Quality Manager At Group Lotus, Steve Shickell, Sales and Marketing Director for LK Metrology, and Dave Robinson, Marketing Manager at LK Metrology. Lotus Cars, an icon British sports car with certainly lots of history and heritage is being inspected with a British-made Horizontal CMM solution from LK Metrology, in this podcast, they discuss the evolution of Lotus Cars, the partnership, and collaboration with LK Metrology, and the current manufacturing and inspection processes which are proving to be a real success on and off the road!

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