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Ep 190
Spinner is leading the industry by example! | Spinner Open House 2024

“Automation is not to replace the workers we have, it’s to replace the workers we don’t have!”

Salim Elías Awad, President of Spinner North America, dives into world-class technology, exceptional customer service, and the impact of automation on the industry. In conversation with Lyndsey Vickers of MTDCNC, Salim demonstrates Spinner’s expertise in being more than just a machine on the shop floor – they make sure the machine gives the customers the return they’re looking for!

Tune in to this MTDCNC podcast from Spinner’s Open House 2024 and learn more about where Spinner is placed in the industry.

The MTDCNC podcast is sponsored by Langley alloys – unique metals for demanding applications providing first class performance and an international service!

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