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Se 1 | Ep 2
Growing up on the “wrong side of the tracks” to supporting Rolls-Royce at CCAM

In episode 2 of “The Gunn Show” Tony has the amazing opportunity to sit down with Andwele Grant, a Manufacturing Process Researcher at CCAM – The Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing. Andwele talks about his time growing up on the “wrong side of the tracks”, his perseverance towards education, and some of the creative secrets supporting Rolls Royce at CCAM. Andwele opens up to Tony and discusses what it was like growing up in a school system that lacked adequate resources and finding a way to remain determined. Taking him to Virginia State University, which is ranked 5th in the nation as a top producer of teachers. Andwele then elaborates about his experience with CCAM, which is an applied research center that bridges the gap between fundamental research and product development. CCAM is the only collaboration of its kind in North America, where Andwele has worked for the last 3+ years.

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