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Ep 27
The Machinist Marksman: Mingran Qian’s Quest for Precision in Metal and Marksmanship

Mingran Qian, the mastermind behind Q2 Machining, is not just a wizard of CNC machining but also an accomplished marksman. With a degree from Michigan State University, Mingran transformed his vision into a reality by establishing Q2 Machining in Livonia, Michigan. His company thrives on the principles of precision, quality, and innovation, serving industries like aerospace and performance racing with high-end CNC machined components.

Beyond the shop floor, Mingran has a penchant for shooting sports, showcasing his award-winning skills in numerous competitions. His expertise with firearms adds an intriguing twist to his profile, making him a fascinating guest on The Gunn Show Podcast. Mingran’s story is one of relentless dedication, from mastering the art of machining to hitting bullseyes in shooting ranges, blending his technical prowess with a sharp eye for precision in all aspects of life.

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