From component to tooling solution at high speed

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    From component to tooling solution at high speed

    From component to tooling solution at high speed
    Monday 14 September 2020 2:12:33 PM21 ViewsClick here for download information on this product

    Engineers at Walter are working with a new digital wizard: Walter Innotime. This web application links existing Walter systems to the ‘Engineering Competence’ of Walter employees.

    Based on a 3D model of the component, drag-and-drop uploaded to the Walter website by the customer, Walter Innotime analyses which cutting operations are required and suggests to the engineer dealing with the enquiry (in future versions, directly to the customer) the appropriate tools, cutting data and prices from the Walter portfolio.

    The engineer checks the proposal and optimises it, if necessary, according to the customer’s needs. As a result, the design process for complex enquiries is fast-tracked – and the customer receives the most economical tailored tooling solution and a valid quote in the shortest time. Walter field service employees and engineers benefit from the preliminary work done by the system: in the physical design and the development of the optimum machining strategy for the customer component.

    For our engineers and technical distributors, but primarily for our customers, Walter Innotime represents a milestone. We deliberate intensively over the component and can deal with enquiries so much faster – for our customers, that’s something directly tangible,” explains Dr. Michael Hepp, Vice President Digital Business at Walter. “By combining the Engineering Kompetenz of our employees with the virtual intelligence of our software systems, we can assist our customers in quickly and easily finding, purchasing and employing the most economical tooling solution for them. In future, our customers will have to do nothing more than upload their 3D component – quick and easy.


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