Corporate vision with first-class products and services

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    Corporate vision with first-class products and services

    Corporate vision with first-class products and services
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    Based on a long-standing tradition and vast expertise, the Swiss Azurea Group has made its mark and earned a reputation that reaches far beyond the Swiss Jura Mountains, home of the Swiss Type sliding headstock lathe. Founded in 1914 as a bar turning workshop under the name Célestin Konrad SA, the parent company Azurea has been headquartered in Moutier since its early days. Today, the company has four distinct production sites with Azurea Technologies Bévilard being one of them.

    Specialising in the production of components and sub-assemblies for the medical equipment industry, the company was certified with ISO:13485 in June 2019, a standard that specifies the requirements for a quality management system (QMS) for the medical device industry. Even if this standard is not mandatory for many medical products, it stands for the utmost in quality and safety of the products manufactured in accordance with it. It has been Azurea’s primary desire to be able to offer its clients this certification and ensure tracking and traceability of its devices.

    Always a step ahead

    In 2009, Azurea Holding SA acquired the Bévilard Company with the primary aim to strengthen and evolve the medical device sector. According to Samuel Geiser, Azurea’s Bévilard Site Manager: “It’s now about providing a service – assembly. Azurea has decided to stand out as a supplier of finished products. This is undeniably a pledge of added value that makes us real specialists, not only in the field of assembly but also in terms of specific functions. We can develop innovative solutions from materials that are sometimes very exotic.”

    Premises with state-of-the-art equipment

    When talking about exotic materials, Samuel Geiser first and foremost is thinking of specific stainless steels and different grades of titanium. Thanks to its vast inventory of Tornos machines that comprises of thirteen Deco 10 and two Deco 13 machines, some of them being equipped with gear cutting function, Azurea can also machine materials such as PEEK, a thermostable plastic material. There is no material and no challenge that frightens Azurea off and the company prides itself on airing versatility and a pioneering and visionary spirit.

    “In 2020, we will have a gray room for assembly that we want to use to put the finishing touches to our products,” Samuel Geiser continues. “This investment aims at the limitation of potential contamination of the processes by the users. We make the experience and expertise of our technicians available to our customers in the medical, dental and microtechnology sectors for them to achieve impeccable quality”, Nicole Crisci, Azurea’s Executive Assistant and Communication Manager, adds.

    Pioneering spirit in an evolving structure

    Open-minded, reliable and competent – that’s how Azurea’s representatives at all levels of the company can be described best. “What began as a family-owned business has developed over time and now presents itself as a company that is acting on a global scale while remaining true to its principles of independence,” Nicole Crisci explains.

    With an efficient quality system, committed and skilful employees, it seems Azurea can pool all the ingredients required to guarantee the control and traceability of the processes while meeting the deadlines. The employees enjoy working in this environment and most of Azurea’s former apprentices continue their career within the Group.

    Four sites, four hubs of expertise and passion

    To always be a step ahead in response to customer requirements, Azurea has specialised and diversified its businesses. As the latest group-wide example for this, there is a new feature offered by the Belprahon site, an e-shop. The site in Belprahon specialises in the production of gauges and measuring devices as well as providing a metrology service. Via the internet e-shop, the customers can obtain high-quality finished products and pin-type gauges made of the desired material, not to mention complete gauge boxes. The e-shop is easy to use and convenient with the order amount immediately calculated online. As John Pawson so eloquently said: “the difference can sometimes be measured in the tiniest details.”


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